Classical Music Mp3 Free Mozart

Jenny asks…

Where can i download free MP3s of classical songs?

You know like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach…all those guys.

Where can I download free MP3‘s of there music?
besides limewire please. I’m kind of not allowed to use that.

mp3tube answers:

If you’re going for legally I would recommend either iTunes or, where you can now
purchase mp3′s from albums. Each would cost about a dollar and requires a credit card. I’m hoping
you mean legally, if not then Limewire or Frostwire are two products you could use but I don’t


Mandy asks…

Where can i download MIDI?

i got a keyboard but dont know where to download the MIDI thing, does anyone know where you can download it for free?

mp3tube answers:

The following sites will direct you.

Free Midi Files and Midi Songs, Free Background Music
Preview and download from thousands of free midi files and midi songs … Hundreds of free classical music downloads. Really good stuff… Anthem Midi Files … – 130k – Cached
vanBasco Software: MIDI and Karaoke Software for Windows
vanBasco Software provides MIDI and Karaoke Software for Windows … Best of all: our player is totally ad-free freeware. Download it now! … – Cached
Free Stuff Music Midi Files
Free Stuff Music Midi Files Archives! If you’re looking for freebies then you … Our free MIDI downloads cover every music genre pop, rock, classical, trance, … – Cached
free midi file download
download midi files from our site … Free midi download midis midifiles. Midi file search. Post Link … Free midifiles and karoke download. Latest free midi … – Cached
Dance MIDI Files & Sample CDs – Free Downloads
DMS – Free MIDI file downloads for all Dance genres including, Techno, Trance, … Login & download free stuff! Dance MIDI Files, Sample Packs & Synth Patches … – Cached
M.U.L.E. Theme Free Midi Download
M.U.L.E. Theme Midi. Stats: Rating Not Rated | Downloads 514 … Free Stuff Channel. Free Stuff Me. All Things Free … – Cached
minvec uk, midi files, free midi files, mp3, free mp3 files, … Here you will find over 7000 of free GM/GS/XG midi files for you to download (With membership) … – 73k – Cached
MIDI Zone – Free MIDI files
Free MIDI files of Home, and many more. … Should we include song lyrics in download window? Yes. No. I don’t care. Total votes 11779 … – Cached
mfiles – free midi files to download, classical, original and other …
Free midi music files to download, classical favourites by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Joplin piano rags, Christmas Carols, traditional hymns and … – 54k – Cached
Love Generation Free Midi Download
midi. New midi. Top downloads. Random midi. Search. News. Login / Join. Join … Love Generation Midi. Stats: Rating 10.0000 | Downloads 3978 ……&Bob+Sinclair

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Slow Background Music Mp3 Free Download

Mandy asks…

i help with my rapping ?

i can write like proper good flow and clever lyrics , but i need to know which is better 4 me spittin slow or spittin fast how do i find tht out ? also sometimes when im rapping i get abit of flem in ma throat and it often puts me off , and also what tone of voice should i use to make it the best i can ?

mp3tube answers:

The best thing to do would be to download a free audio editor for your computer and record different versions of your songs, then compare them by yourself, then when you feel comfortable that you have the best version let somebody else hear it. Some of them even allow you to take Mp3′s from limewire and mess with them so you could even add some background music.

Steven asks…

iPod or Zune, still can’t decide.?

So my old iPod just broke, and i was looking at getting a new mp3 player. After researching the 80gb models of both the iPod and the Zune, I’ve got nothing. I would listen to a lot of music and watch some videos/movies. Since i had an iPod, all of my music is in iTunes. How bad is it to convert it over to the Zune library? As for the features, the differences don’t strike me enough to seem a game breaker. Which is the allaround better player?

mp3tube answers:

The thing with some ipod owners are that they tend to be soo pro-ipod that they become somewhat biased towards it. And then there’s some zune owners who’re so anti-ipod that they become sooo pro-zune, that THEY then become biased too!

Well here is an unbiased zune owner giving her opinion, because frankly, I didn’t want it in the first place. I didn’t want an ipod either – I was content with my little creative zen for the 5 days it stayed alive. But then sadly, the hard drive died, didn’t come back for 10 days, so I had to return it. There was no others in stock, so I just decided to replace it with the mp3 player sitting next to it on display… A zune.

So now that I’ve had the zune for a year, I got to say I do like it. It has its cons, but in general, it’s a really good player. I don’t know what the user’s brother above me did but my zune’s been in great condition sinse I got it – and I admit I’ve dropped it a few times ::knock on wood::

If you want a standard ipod vs. Zune comparison, I suggest you google it or go to, because this is just my personal opinion from personal experience with mine, and playing around with an zune 80.

First, all your itunes files will have to be converted. This will probably be a con for you as it takes time.

Another con is that the zune won’t sync with WMP, and the zune software isn’t exactly perfect right now (because they don’t want a WMP-clone, they’re developing the software from the ground up). It is simple, but there are bugs here and there. You can download it for free to see how you feel about it.

The 30 gb zunes are kind of thick, but they are really sturdy. If you prefer a thinner, sleeker one with a touch pad, the 80/8/4 gb are for you. I don’t have one, but I heard they’re pretty tough too :)

Music/video wise, the zune runs fine, probably equal to the ipod. I do like how the catagories scroll horizontally at the top of the screen and then the music/playlist/albums scroll vertically. If you have a zune 80 (or 4/8), the zunepad is kind of like a mouse scrolly-button – if you flick it it will scroll through the options fast and then start to slow down… Nice little feature to play with it.

Continuing with the music, even if you don’t/can’t send any music to your friends wirelessly, you can still wirelessly sync your stuff onto the device. Sometimes I’ll add things to the queue on my computer, then start the wireless sync while I get ready for class. The range is quite wide, so instead of sitting around waiting for it to finish, I can do what I have to do with my zune in my bad, leave the house and start my car and my zune will still be syncing! When it’s done, I just plug it to my fm car transmitter and go, without having to go back inside, run downstairs and get my zune.

Some people don’t use the radio often, but I do. Sometimes I just get sick of my music and just want to listen to something new, and having a radio around is a plus. Like with a car radio, the station can tell you the song title and artist so if I find a new song I like, I can write it down then and there, and look it up when I get home.

What else… Ipod has more accessories, obviously. They are also more easily accessible as they are available everywhere! I had to buy a lot of my zune stuff online…

Nifty features on the zune are that you can name it, and change out the wallpaper to whatever you please. If you like decorated protection skins, has some lovely ones PLUS a matching background that continues the design… Here’s 2 examples:,11643.htm,9979.htm

I mention them often, but its because I’m a dork and like them alot :D The wallpaper is only available for the 80s, 8s, and 4s though. (I’m trying to convince them to add them to the 30s tho!)

You can also get a custom backing to your zune if you order it from the zune website to add even more personality.

Other than that… What I like best about the zune is that I don’t *have* to buy a new zune just to get the newest features – the firmware is just updated to give my 30 the new stuff. As I’m just a broke college student with no job, that is just so much more easier.

A major con for me is the lack of clock on the zune. I do have a watch and phone, but there was a time when my phone was decommissioned and my watch was dead, and it was horrible T_T (well, it forced me to be early where ever I went so that’s a sort of pro…)

So yeah… Would I trade my little icy zune for an ipod or creative zen now? Negative… But you’re the final judge.

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Free Mp3 Downloads Legal Virus Free

Betty asks…

Wepsites that offer mp3 dowloads in replace for small tasks?

I want popular music like Adele – Skyfall and Duran Duran – Rio on my iPod, but I don’t want to pay the crazy $.99 per song in the iTunes store (I would pay $.25, but $.99? Really? Quite pricey for five minutes of touched up audio). So I was wondering if there are any websites that offer good quality, virus free, and legal music, like the ones mentioned before, in return for a survey or a small task (like calling a store and asking for the price of, say, Cheerios and entering it in). It seems like a possible thing considering all of these apps and websites that offer gift cards for completing a few offers. Know of any? Thanks!

mp3tube answers:

Try points2shop – they don’t offer direct downloads, but you can get iTunes gift cards
pretty easily. It takes around a week and a half in order to get enough credits (but if you work hard, you can shrink that time down to a week). The downside is that to unlock email reward options, you have to become a bronze member, which requires you to have an offer approved (but they have like 20 cent sticker rewards which you can order when you sign up).
I recommend using my referral link, because you get 250 points by doing so (the equivalent of $2.50) and you can just order a small reward directly in order to get that over with. It helps both me and you. It’s a win-win situation :3
Go ahead and give it a try! (Suggested offers/surveys: Peanut Labs and uSamp surveys. Don’t forget to complete your profiles for easy points!)

One other website i recommend is Freeappslots, available on iOS and Android. What you basically do is play slots and accumulate credits over time. And when you’re out of spins, you can download and install free apps for 4 extra spins apiece.
Just like the the website above, by using a referral link, you help both me and yourself (we both get 5 extra spins. Nifty, eh?). Why don’t you give it a shot?

Michael asks…

Some good sites to download music for free and is virus free?

My computer has been wiped for a virus unforunately my iTunes and all of it’s music was gone to, i don’t have an ipod it drowned but i want to get back my music and have had limewire but that was what gave the virus, so i need a better alternative.
Cab u please list some that you know are very good and reliable for music, vids and stuff like that.

mp3tube answers:

Every piece of software is going to have some kind of exploit, but there are several things you can do in order to keep yourself safe no matter what PC or operating system you use.

1. Be careful what type of sites you visit. There are many unscrupulous websites out there that will readily infect your machine with a virus or adware.

2. Instead of downloading music, go to the store and buy the CD or buy the MP3’s from legit sites. Not only will you avoid any financially difficult legal situation, you’ll also avoid any website that promises free MP3 downloads but only delivers viruses and adware.

3. Instead of looking for software cracks or serials online, look for coupons. The “crackz” scene is filled to the brim with malicious websites. You’re not safe when you’re visiting these “seedier” websites.

4. Do not run in Administrator mode. You should only run in Administrator mode when you’re installing hardware or software, but running in a lower security mode you’ll avoid a lot of the more invasive attacks.

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Instrumental Music Mp3 Free Download

Susan asks…

Where can I find a no-lyrics version of “this is war” mp3 for me to download?

This is war is by 30 seconds to mars. I want to make a parody of it, but I need to find a place where I can download the no-lyrics version (Music, but with nobody singing), so I can sing and put my voice in it. Thanks in advance.
BTW: It has to be free.

mp3tube answers:

Go on youtube, type in This Is War 30 Seconds To Mars Karaoke (or instrumental).
In another tab type in the URL
Then copy and paste the youtube URL in and download the song.
Easy peasy (:

James asks…

Is there a good site for free downloads of instrumental music tracks?

Please give an answer that is NOT Limewire

mp3tube answers:

Find it here : (on the right side of the site)

Saya Arnold SuasanaSegar

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Relaxation Music Mp3

Helen asks…

Anyone ever had side effects after using binaural beat recordings?

I’ve always been keen on personal development, positive thinking, relaxing music, listening to affirmation/motivational recordings with great success, also had good experiences with the massive selection self-hypnosis recordings available.

I discovered TM Meditation, which worked really well for me, however, as is my nature, seeking more and in the pursuit of human perfection (which I now realise is virtually unobtainable), I came across a bunch of recording that were touted as being able to provide a meditation so deep, it was comparable to that of a very experience Tibetan or Zen Monk. This was Binaural Beats (BB) and I began experimenting with the likes of Hemi-Sync, Brain-Sync and Holo-Sync.

Binaural Beats – 2 specifically different frequencies are pulsed to the R and L ears respectively.The difference between the L & R inputs is then interpreted by the brain as a new, third frequency – the one that does the work. On hearing the new frequency, the human brain then adjusts in order to harmonize / ‘entrain’ with it (frequency following response) – ergo brainwave entrainment. The difference in input frequencies is specifically designed to bring about a desired brainwave state – akin to the natural brain states observed in a clinical / lab setting. Frequency range is generally 25-2 hz, which covers gamma (super high learning), through beta to delta state (sleep improvement therapy).

The thing is, appear to be everywhere nowdays and yes, they do mimic the various natural brainwave states, but they force the brain to that particular frequency in an instant, where this change would take much longer during relaxation via meditation. I’ve also read that this change also affects the chemical levels in the brain and, if this is so, how can this be controlled? Who’s to say that the resulting forced change in brainwave activity and any associated change in chemical activity is going to push a person to an improved state, or otherwise?

The last time I used a BB recording will be the last – I won’t go into details, as it would be quite unpleasant reading, suffice to say it had very profound, long-lasting effects on me, so much so, that that experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, although its intensity fades over time. I’ve a definite phobia of BB now. Sometimes, when searching on Amazon’s MP3 downloads site for relaxation music etc, I’ve accidentally clicked on a recording and listened to the sample without reading the full spec only to realise after a few moments that it is binaural beat. My reaction is usually “oh shit!” as the waves of immense anxiety / panic and horrible entire body rushes come momentarily flashing back, leaving me feeling paranoid that I might have to live through it all again.

At the time of first occurrence, I had the insane notion that I was experiencing an almighty Kundalini Awakening that I was in no way ready for.. but perhaps that’s another story.

I also feel that neuro-technology is still not really understood. Granted, some may be more susceptible than others to possible unforeseen side effects – however, a low number of catastrophic experiences does not justify claims this is a safe technology. People who are blindly using this technology in the belief it is totally benign, more or less, unwittingly conducting experiments on their brains in the comfort of their own homes.

Has anyone else have similar experiences with brainwave entrainment / binaural beat recordings?

What are peoples opinions on this technology and similar in general?

mp3tube answers:

For me some work and some don’t.The sedative ones like morphine work the best with no side effects.I just go numb from my feet to my shoulders then it skips my neck and goes to my head for some reason.I don’t care if it is all placebo,it does feel pretty awesome and the power of persuasion is a powerful thing.That’s why scientists have control groups for drugs in testing.

But I will say it isn’t worth the money.Download it.The guy that invented the theory is a millionaire that doesn’t need your money.

Susan asks…

how to meditate and reduce nervousness?

i have a basketball tryout out coming up,but i got those butterflies that are making me shake and can end up throwing me off

how do i meditate and relax

i remember hearing about a player last yr used meditation before game 7 in the championship game and ended up playing better than the best player in the league,so i know its gotta be effective

step be step would be GREATLY appreciated any help at all would

mp3tube answers:

You wanted it, now print this and do it! Good luck 2 U! Go Giants::::
This is one of the most popular self-hypnosis techniques employed by athletes. It aims to help you distance your mind from the here and now and place you in a setting that you associate with relaxation and inner calm. This script could be recorded as an MP3 file – where there are 3 full stops (…) leave a pause for a few seconds and remember to speak clearly and slowly. The following script is an adaptation of a script published by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

Firstly you need to relax, put on some very relaxing music or sounds of nature, sit or lie down in a position that you find comfortable in a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Look up at your eyebrows and begin to concentrate on the sounds around you… Maybe the distant sound of a car driving by or the hustle and bustle outside on the street… Then concentrate on the sounds of the music, feel it flowing over you as if it were the tide going in and out, in and out… Now begin to pay attention to the sound of your thoughts… Concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths in and out… In and out… Listen to your heart beat… Become aware of your eyelids and feel them blinking quickly and notice that you have a strong desire to close your eyes… Allow your eyes to close and feel a deep sensation of relaxation. In a few seconds, you will imagine your favourite place of relaxation… Maybe somewhere you have been before, a beautiful garden, a deserted beach, a summer meadow or somewhere you can imagine you would feel relaxed… And now… Just imagine that you are standing on a balcony… And there is a long set of stairs in front of you… Leading down from this balcony… There are strong stairs… With wide steps… And a handrail on each side… The stairs are well lit… And you can see them clearly… In a few seconds’ time… You can count down from 10 to one… And with each descending number between 10 and one… You will take a single step down the stairs… And with each descending number you will become more and more calm, more and more relaxed… Each step down from the balcony will take you deeper and deeper… Into your wonderful state of relaxation… And as you slowly descend these stairs… You are going to experience a sense of ever-deepening relaxation… Throughout your entire body… You will feel the stairs under your feet and when you eventually reach step one, you can pause and wonder where you might go next… Again you feel very tranquil and this tranquility is accompanied by a sense of anticipation… You will then step off… And when you do so… You will find yourself in your favourite place of relaxation… And enjoy… This beautiful place… Provide yourself with only positive and beneficial suggestions. For example, relating to increasing your self-confidence, attaining peak performance in an upcoming competition, or mastering a specific sports skill that has perhaps proved elusive to you. If, at any time, for any reason, for example in case of emergency or any situation where full attention is required, by opening your eyes, you will be fully alert.

To take yourself out of your relaxing place in a gradual manner, simply count up slowly from one to ten, on reaching the number eight, open your eyes, and at the number 10 you will be fully awake and alert. As you stand up, have a stretch and notice how good you feel.

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Free Country Mp3 Downloads

Laura asks…

Why do Pinoy here in Philippines love to intimidate and threaten us white older foreigners?

Why do Pinoy here love to challenge us white foreigners?

First of all this is NOTHING to do with racism begets racism.Adults only should listen to this mp3.INever even met none of these people.Including the lady at the end of themp3 who use to yell that profanity into my Apt.This lady as well as the others were drunk, except the 3rd mp3 track guys.Heres a link to a mp3 I made from 4 differentrecordings.The first one is in Meron near Olongapo.I waswith my GF and a aquaintence who was showing me possible places to move to.There were atleast 10Pinoy outinfront of this place drinking.The next Im walking at the track on Subic and passed by about 6 Pinoy talking near the track.The third is in Santa Terista when I was walking searching for a possible place tomove to.Before I got my recorder going a Pinoy was on the side ofa street ahead of meyelling at me to get the hell out of here.His friend who was with him went inside a gate near them.I asked him whats the problem?He says noproblem.Then shortly afterwards his friendcame out the gate with a couple more punks.They never followed me far or got too close because I was biggerthen them I guess.I just kept walkingaway.The last mp3 is a drunk lady who lived near me in Mabalacat and was one of the reasons I moved.Ive carryed a recorder for only 3months with all the sarcastic remarks and challenging going on.Ive only been in Olongapo for 2.5 months and still like it better than AC area.Free MP3 download: MyTone -MERGED3 – Want2Fight 2.mp3[url=][img][/img][/url]

White foreigners are NOT spreading stds here also.It is a known fact that SE Asia and Sub Saharan Africa have the most stds of all Countrys.Whites have a better chance of catching stds here.
So were NOT bring stds here thats absurd.
Free MP3 download:MyTone -MERGED3 – Want2Fight 2.mp3

This link should work.No I dont thrive on stress and thats exactly what it is alot of Pinoy here like to do.I cant leave, I have a wife and 2 children.
This is just a very small fraction of the bullshit Ive been thru here.I have about 50 vids and several more audios of getting harrassed here.I even get harrassed by a Immigration guy who threatened me hes going to get me kicked off my disability!Calling me a frame cain and a disabled fake.Im partialy paralized in my legs with chronic nerve damage.They whisper threats Im going to get jumped, kicked out of the Country, and that Im suppose to be mentaly ill.I will be posting several more here and several other places.More fun in the Philippines??

<a title="free MP3 hosting” href=”http://

Free MP3 download: MyTone -MERGED3 – Want2Fight 2.mp3

Copy an paste to your browser and press enter if others dont work.

Go to that web page and you will see that stds are mostly in SE Asia,
Latin America and Sub
Saharan Africa.So how
in the world could we
be the people giving you stds if you have alot more than us?Thats absurd.Although there are peds who should be punished here, Pinoy can put us all in that catagory and try snd frame us peds.Ive got proof in vids and audios
of young girls attempting to frame me but I dont speak to young girls period.

Mr. Brit as you can hear its NOT as it is there in AC or Olongapo.Also as you read, “some” of these people are putting us all
in that std or ped catagory with NO common sense!

mp3tube answers:

Post a better link to your recordings. I can’t access them.

Honestly though you are not going to change anybody in the Philippines. If things make you so upset then the more productive thing to do is to ask yourself why you go to places that increase the stress in your life. Perhaps it is this type of stress that you thrive on and think you need.

Sandra asks…

why is free youtube to mp3 not working?

I paste a link and it says “not available in your country.” I think it may be the program because before it said this it wouldn’t download, so i uninstalled it now it is saying not available.
Also i was wondering if anyone knew a site or software where you can download multiple videos instead of posting one at a time.

mp3tube answers:

Try Youtube To Mp3 from
Simple, very fast and you can doiwload multiple videos !

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Instrumental Music Free Download Mp3

Mandy asks…

Do you know any good instrumental Arabic songs?

Type of songs like Arabian Nights in Aladdin.

mp3tube answers:

P A S S I O N: Best Arabic Instrumental Album In The World Ever
Best Arabic Instrumental Album In The World Ever. Posted By Demnagirl On Monday, February 18, 2008 Under Easy Listening. Track Listing …… -

Arabic instrumental music – MP3 Search & Free Mp3 Downloads
Arabic instrumental music – MP3 Search, Arabic instrumental music – Free Mp3 Downloads, mp3, mp3 players, songs, … Album: The Best Arabic Music – Top 20 … -

also try searching at for similar songs to the ones you like

Jenny asks…

i want to download free instrumental song or minus one song?

how do i make to download for free the instrumental musics

mp3tube answers:

Search the instrumental music in youtube then convert it into MP3 so you can download it.

Convert it in:

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Slow Music Mp3 Ringtones

Chris asks…

What cellphone should i get? The LG enV Touch or the Samsung Omnia? 10 POINTS TO 1ST ANSWER!!!?

i have a couple questions too. Do all verizon cellphones come with mail-in rebates? Which phone do you think is better? Why? What are some of the pros and cons of each. Thanks in advance!.
i dont really care about the whole data package for the omnia, but i really love how the omnia has the SIDE qwerty keyboard…i just dont know which one to get!!!

mp3tube answers:

Buy Samsung Omnia is a great phone,Display Type AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors (really great colours).buy it today!
LG isn’t good with display colour coz they only have 262K colours.

Here are the details of Omnia HD.
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100
Size Dimensions 123 x 59 x 12.9 mm
Weight 148 g
Display Type AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors (really great)
Size 360 x 640 pixels, 3.7 inches
– Accelerometer sensor
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Scratch-resistant surface
Sound Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3, WAV ringtones
Speakerphone with stereo speakers
– 3.5 mm audio jack
- DNSe 2.0 (Digital Natural Sound Engine)
- Virtual 5.1 channel Dolby surround
Memory Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photo call, Photo Contact
Call records Practically unlimited
Internal 8 GB/16 GB storage, 256 MB RAM
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 32GB, buy memory
Data GPRS Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
EDGE Class 12
3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, DLNA
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
USB Yes, v2.0, microUSB
Camera Primary 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Features Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilization, wide dynamic range, ISO 1600
Video Yes, HD 720p@24fps, D1 (720×480 pixels)@30fps,
QVGA time-lapse and slow-mo video recording
Secondary CIF videocall camera
Features OS Symbian OS v9.4 Series 60 rel. 5
CPU ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz; 3D Graphics HW Accelerator
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, IM
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Opera 9.5, RSS reader
Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS
Games Asphalt 4 HD, incl. Motion-based + downloadable
Colors Black
GPS Yes, with A-GPS support
Java Yes, MIDP 2.0
– Digital compass
- AVI(DiVX/XviD)/WMV/RV/MP4/3GP video player
- MP3/WMA/WAV/RA/AAC/M4A music player
- Organizer
- TV-out (for SD content only)
- Turn-to-mute
- Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
- Voice memo
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
Stand-by Up to 430 h (2G) / Up to 450 h (3G)
Talk time Up to10 h (2G) / Up to 6 h 30 min (3G)

Steven asks…

How do you move files (mp3′s) to your razor V3 through bluetooth? or can you?

i want to put a MP3 onto my phone for a ringtone

mp3tube answers:

I *think* you can, but it is VERY slow. Like extermely slow. Or, thats what someone told me. I’ll let you do your own research, but to give you a few places to start out:

- – the program that will let you do this. Just download it. Once you get your phone connected, you’ll need to broswe the filesystem of the phone and look for where the my_music folder is on the card (i dont remember the path but its in there somewhere, just be careful though in the filesystem because you can really mess things up).

-You’ll also need to make the PC connection to BT (bluetooth). I dunno how you do this with the razor, but on my lg vx8100 go menu > tools and settings > pc connection > bluetooth. Make sure bluetooth is enabled when you do it.

-Look at – do a search there, maybe post if you have a question.

- – great info

Good luck!! Btw- i think these directions are more for verizon, but you can look in to it anyway.

Oh and also, try getting a card for your phone and put stuff on it that way. This may not even be the best solution.

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Waptrick Music

Sharon asks…

Is there an internet site I can go to on my blackberry to download a full song?

I want to put a few full songs onto my blackberry, because I don’t have any programs on my computer to sync songs to it. So is there any site I can type into my blackberry curve and be able to download an entire song? Preferably for free lol

mp3tube answers:

And for those who don’t have a personal computer…. There is always . Before you jump to this site on your BB, there is a few things you need to know: from your browser, hit your Blackberry Menu key, then go to “options”. From there, go to “Browser configuration”, and make sure that your Emulation mode is on “Microsoft IE” . When you go to this site, in the search bar you will enter the song or artist. It will list everything they have available, however, not all of them will work. You will more than likely have to try a couple of them to get what you want… You’ll see what I mean when you get there. I know its a lot of work, however, for the music lovers, its great… I have 351 songs on my Blackberry, and I don’t have a personal comp, so this site has been great! There is also – decent site, you also have manipulate this site… If would like instructions for this, I will be more than happy to give.

Richard asks…

Does anyone know a place where i can get free ringtones?

Free ringtones or wallpaper would be nice, thanks.

mp3tube answers:

You can get ringtones for free at – they have everything segregated according to model & make.

Another absolutely free site you can try for ringtones is

And if You want to make your own ringtones from the music on your computer (and it’s FREE as well). Try this application:

You can also try “MP3 To Ringtone Gold”
This software can be used to convert the popular compressed audio formats (.mp3,wma) to ringtone format(.mmf,.amr,.mp3,.wav, .mid etc)
You can get more information on it & download it here:

For Themes / Tones / Applications / Games / Wallpapers / Screensavers visit:

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Violin Music Mp3 Free

Linda asks…

Passacaglia: fast spiccato sections (viola) help?

i’m having a lot of trouble playing the fast spiccato passages. for some reason, i cant move my bow that fast. any advice?
btw this is the handel-Halvorsen passacaglia

mp3tube answers:

I introduce spiccato by using the Suzuki “Wish I Had a Watermelon” bowing (two groups of four 16th notes). This bowing variation is used not just for the Twinkle, but for one-, two- and three-octave scales, arpeggios and thirds. There is an older, traditional name for this, the “Round Robin.”

The process is to start with two octave scales, and play the two groups of four, at the balance point of the bow (lower middle – MB) without trying to make it bounce. No bouncing at first, and not more than an inch or so of bow. Eventually, the bow (if it’s a decent bow) will bounce on its own, but only after dedicated practice in coordinating the tiny bow configurations and the fingers.

While there are occasional exceptions in the literature, it is important to insist that each group begin with a down bow–otherwise you get a “hiccup” affect. There is a reason for this; the down bow is heavier because of the weight of the hand and the frog end of the bow, and so the tactus needs to be downbow, as a rule. [As I mentioned, there are exceptions, and Geminiani referred to this as the "wretched rule." See: Francesco Geminiani: The Art of Playing the Violin - ]

The “Round Robin” consists of these scales, played:

1. 8 to a pitch;
2. 4 to a pitch;
3. 3 to a pitch (this may be saved until later if the student is having difficulties, since it consists of DOWN up down/UP down up);
4. 2 to a pitch, and eventually;
5. 1 to a pitch

This takes a while to develop, but is extremely useful technically.

Incidentally, I identify the second piece of learning scales as the whole note, “smooth“, “football” method, which consists of another kind of “Round Robin” but in this case (studio musicians sometimes refer to whole notes as “footballs”):

1. A whole note on each pitch (this is the “son filé” practice);
2. A half note on each pitch;
3. A quarter note on each pitch (detaché)

[It should be noted that detaché does not mean "detached." Detaché is in French what is called a "false friend"; it looks like an English word (remember that about 80% of the words in French are also in English), but is not at all the same thing. Detaché simply means separate bows.

Another example of a "false friend" is the verb in French, demand. If you say, "Je demande" you only say I ask, not I demand...which has been known to play havoc with diplomatic translations!]

This second half of the practice is somewhat like a part of the Suzuki “Tonalization” exercises.

If you carefully lead the student through this material, you will find that the spiccato is better organized. Here is the page of free scales that I use to introduce these ideas (rather than having them buy a scale book just yet):

Free one- to three-octave Printable Violin and Viola Scales

Also see:

* Handout: Violin/Viola, Piano – 3 octave scale fingerings –
• Makeup of Major and Minor Scales
• Identifying Key Signatures
• Method for Memorizing Fingerings – Violin | Piano

* Handout: Analysis of Carl Flesch Scale System –


Common String Articulations (with MP3 files)

Internet Resources for Violin/Viola Students

Violin/Viola FAQ

Laura asks…

Where can i get the midi for Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold?

Well, I found a computer program where you can open any midi file and it will give you the sheet music for the song. It’s freaking awesome because before every time that i tried to look for sheet music for some random song the only info i would get was the sheet music for piano and the guitar tabs.

One of the songs that i’ve always wanted to play since it came out is Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold, but i’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it. I don’t need the guitar tabs, because i don’t play guitar, I play violin, so don’t give me a thousand links on guitar tabs.

So, I need the midi file, and if you know any websites with good midis, you are more then welcome to give them to me.

So, thanks.
Have a nice day, a nice life, and answer my question.

MQ: What are you listening to right now? (I know, unoriginal, but who cares. I suck in MQs)

mp3tube answers:

Whenever i leave my house late for work or school, i put on avenged sevenfold and i always end up getting to my destination either on time or earlier than i had expected. Lol. Their music is awesome!

As far as the midi conversion, i usually use WIDI Recognition System Pro ( though I haven’t converted Mp3 -> midi in a while so I’m not sure if it’s still free.

This shows you the directions on how to go about in converting a file to midi. (

It’s a fairly easy program to use but if you run into complications don’t hesitate to email me for help or further advice =)

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